TRADE LIST - 1/21/2007

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My personal interests include, but are not limited to:

Billy Bragg             The B-52s           Johan Sebastian Bach
The Beatles             Chicago             Counting Crows
Demented Music          Dan Fogleberg
Howard Jones            Jethro Tull         Joe Jackson             
Elton John              Billy Joel          Christine Lavin
Tom Lehrer              The Moody Blues     Mormon Tabernacle Choir 
Monty Python            October Project/Mary Fahl
The Ocean Blue          The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo
Alan Parsons Project    
Pink Floyd              The Roto-Rooter Goodtime Christmas Band
Frans Schubert          Steely Dan          
Spandau Ballet          The Sundays         They Might Be Giants    
Thompson Twins/Babble   Timbuk3             Tonio K             
Voice Of The Beehive    Logan Whitehurst
The Who                 Frank Zappa

Out-Of-Print Stuff That I will tape for trade. NOTE: The following is not my wish list, but things that I already have to trade. (My wish list is for more by these artists.)
ABBA CD-R: Nov 5-10, 1979, Wembley Arena: Voulez-vous, Knowing me knowing you, Chiquitita, Gimme gimme gimme, I have a dream, Thank you for the music, Summer night city, Take a chance on me, Does your mother know, Hole on your soul, Dancing queen, Waterloo Allman Brothers Band CD-R: 26 September, 1973: Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco (55:25) Wasted Words, Done Somebody Wrong, One Way Out, Stormy Monday Blues, Ramblin' Man, Southbound, Jessica, Whipping Post
America: America won the Grammy award for best new artist after the success of their song "Horse With No Name" in 1971. Warner gave them an unusual degree of artistic freedom for the time. They even self-produced their 2nd and 3rd albums. George Martin produced and arranged albums 4-7. The hits kept coming until Dan Peek left the group to start a career in the Contemporary Christian pop market, where released four solo albums during the next ten years: All Things Are Possible Doer Of The Word Electro Voice Cross Over He now lives in Grand Cayman, and is still recording, solo and with the band Peace. Meanwhile Dewey Bunell and Gerry Beckley forged on under the America name. During the 80s they brought in other producers and songwriters, including Russ Ballard, who penned the hit "You Can Do Magic", and Dr. Demento favorites Barnes and Barnes. Now a duo, they kept touring, and released the fine albums "Hourglass" and "Human Nature" at the turn of the century. Dan Peek Solo Albums (4-albums): All Things Are Possible (1978), Doer Of The Word (1984), Electro Voice (1986), Cross Over (1987) Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (from the 1995 album "Christmas Classics") VIDEO: concert excerpt (12 min) VIDEO: Horse With No Name (BBC Top of the Pops - 4 min) VIDEO: Ventura Highway (1974 - Top of the Pops - 3 min) Dewey in concert Gerry admits he's a Chipmunk VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now (Classic Rock) 1999 (6 min) VCD: Musicladen TV concert: Ventura Highway, I Need You, Don't Cross The River, Horse With No Name, Moon Song, Lonely People, Wind Wave, Rainbow, Tin Man, California Revisited, Green Monkey (1975) VIDEO: Star Films & America present a film by Peter Clifton: Tin Man, Only Game In Town, I Need You, Foolin' 'Round, Ventura Highway, Another Try, Horse With No Name, All Night, Here, Hollywood (vibraphone solo), Sandman, Sister Golden Hair (1979 Central Park concert - 53 min) VIDEO: Charlie Rose--Horse, Interview, Even The Score (16 min) TNN Classic Rock VIDEO: TNN Classic Rock: Ventura Highway, Sister Golden Hair, Lonely People, Tin Man, Horse With No Name (21 min) DVD: 2006 appearance on A&E/Breakfast With the Arts' Karina Huber: A Horse With No Name, interview, Ventura Highway, interview, One Chance, interview, Chasing The Rainbow, Sister Golden Hair, interview, Ride On (45 min) DVD: 23-Oct-2005 concert at XM-radio: Ventura Highway, Daisy Jane, I Need You, Tin Man, Only In Your Heart, Sandman, Sister Golden Hair, A Horse With No Name (31 min) DVD: 15-Jan-2007 Letterman appearance: "Ride On" (5 min) DVD: 19-Jan-2007 Extra appearance: Here & Now interview (2 min) DVD: 15-Jan-2007 VH1-Classic/Pop Show appearance: interview, Fountains of Wayne "Radiation Vibe" [video], commercial, interview, Beach Boys "I Get Around" [video], interview (Wal-Mart plug), The Eagles "Hotel California" [video] (31 min) Tori Amos: VIDEO: Tonight Show appearance 11/14/2001 (6m)
B-52's: (See also "Various Artists)" VIDEOS: Rock Lobster [live], Legal Tender, Song For A Future Generation, Girl From Ipanema, Channel Z, Love Shack, Roam, Good Stuff (total time 35 min) Love Shack 09-07-98 VH1 Labor Day Concert--includes Channel Z, Private Idaho, Quiche Loraine, Good Stuff, Roam, Summer Of Love, Hallucinating Pluto, Love Shack, Rock Lobster (68 min) The Flintstones theme: "Fred's Mix", "Barney's Mix" (as the BC-52's) Beck CD-R: Brixton Academy, London, December 10th 1996 (55:48) Thunder Peel OR The Spirit Moves Me, Lord Only Knows, Minus, The New Pollution, Loser, Asshole, Hollow Log, One Foot In The Grave, Pay No Mind (Snoozer), Where It's At, Devil's Haircut, Sissyneck, Beercan Pamela Des Barres (a/k/a Pamela Miller, the world's most famous groupie) VIDEO: E! special--Pamela and friends recount her stint with the GTOs, her famous affairs, her marriage, her books (60 min) Barenaked Ladies BNL at Farm Aid '99 VIDEO: 09/14/97 appearance on "The Weird Al Show" VIDEO: 10/08/98 appearance on Conan (5 min) VIDEO: 09/99 Farm Aid '99 "It's All Been Done, "Never Is Enough" (10 min) Mr. Bean Mr. Bean challenges Conan The Bean Chronicles (30 min) Beatles: CD-R: The Beatles Story (6-CD special) CD-R Beatles early BBC Appearances 1963-1964 CD-R Beatles BBC Christmas specials & fan club discs 1963-1969 Compleat Beatles George on 20 years ago VIDEO: The Compleat Beatles (2 hrs) VIDEO: It Was 20 Years Ago Today (2 hrs 45 min) VIDEO: Beatles Anthology 19, 22, 23 Nov, 1995 (6 hrs) VH1 Fourplay VH1 Archives VIDEO: John Lennon VH1 Fourplay 10-10-1998 Includes: "Nobody Told Me" [video], Mike Douglas clip, "Imagine" [video], "Give Peace A Chance" [video], "Working Class Hero" [video] (30 min) VIDEO: John Lennon VH1 Archives 10-10-1998 Includes: 1969 David Frost appearance John and Yoko talk about the "Two Virgins" album. (30 min) 1992 SNL appearance Get Back "Wonderful Christmastime" (from the 1995 album "Christmas Classics") VIDEO: Paul McCartney 1992 SNL season, "Get Out Of My Way", "Hey Jude" (12min) VIDEO: Paul McCartney "Get Back" concert--Includes: Band On The Run, Got To Get You Into My Life, Fool On The Hill, Sgt. Pepper, Good Day Sunshine, I Saw Her Standing There, Elenor Rigby, Back In The USSR, Can't Buy Me Love, Let It Be, Hey Jude, Yesterday (120 min) VIDEO: George Harrison on Time & Again (NBC interview) (60 min) VIDEO: George Harrison VH1 retrospective (30 min) Videos (30 min) VH1 interview with Ravi Shankar (1997 - 60 min) VH1 Storytellers VIDEO: Ringo Starr VH1 Storytellers (60 min) Benny Bell--1975 Vanguard album with 10 songs (including "Shaving Cream") 1975 "Shaving Cream"/"The Girl From Chicago" (non-album) single. Ben Folds Five VIDEO: (my philosophy) live on Later with Jools Holland (5 min) Mar 08, 1998 audio tape Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg--1 album, "Beautiful Love", includes "Je T'Aime...Moi Non Plus" and several others Fred Blassie--"King of Men" 45 RPM 7" (1976) disk: "No Bout Adoubt It", "Blassie, King of Men", "U.S. Male", and "Pencil Neck Geek" Blondie CD-R: Glastonbury Festival, June 25, 1999: Atomic, Shayla, Union City blue, Denis, The tide is high, Sunday girl, Maria, One way or another, Nothing is real but the girl, Rapture, Heart of glass on FX internet tonight A Little Later David Bowie: (See also "Various Artists)" CD-R: Best of early Bowie 1969-1974 (BBC documentary) CD-R: Live concert: Look Back In Anger, The Man Who Sold The World, Strangers When We Meet, Hello Spaceboy, We Prick You, Teenage Wildlife VIDEO: "Serious Moonlight" (60 min) This stars David as a desperate guy who tries to impress a girl by pretending to know a big rock star. VIDEO: Serious Moonlight Tour Concert (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Legends (60 min) VIDEO: FX Internet tonight 3-part interview about his web site (6/16-18/99) 15 min VIDEO: A Little Later: "Ashes To Ashes", "Survive", "Cracked Actor" (Dec 1999 - 23 min) VIDEO: SNL 99a "Thursday's Child" (4 min) VIDEO: Bravo Profile; interview with video clips. He discusses pretention, fame of "Let's Dance" "my low point", use of "cut-ups" (2001 - 55 min) Billy Bragg--Live concert from the "Don't Try This At Home" tour days. CD-S: The Boy Done Good (w/b-side "One More Victory") CD-R: 2 Nov, 1991 - TOWN & COUNTRY, LONDON: You Woke Up My Neighbourhood, Valentine's Day Is Over, The Marching Song Of The Covert Battalions, Dolphins, North Sea Bubble, Body Of Water, Levi Stubbs' Tears, She's Got A New Spell, Cindy Of A Thousand Lives, Accident Waiting To Happen, Waiting For The Great Leap Forward, The Warmest Room, Sexuality Edie Brickell & New Bohemians 1988 SNL appearance 1990 SNL appearance VIDEO: 1988 SNL season "What I Am", and "Little Miss S" (11 min) VIDEO: 1990 SNL season "Woyaho" and "He Said" (10 min) VIDEO: 1994d SNL "Green" w/Paul Simon (5 min) Mel Brooks "Two Thousand and 13" (w/Carl Reiner--follow up to the 2000 year old man) "Young Frankenstein" soundtrack "High Anxiety" greatest hits soundtrack featuring: High Anxiety, The Producers ("Springtime for Hitler"), The Twelve Chairs, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein Julie Brown Trapped In The Body of A White Girl (1987) Ways To Save Money At Christmas (from the 1988 album "Winter Wonderland") David Byrne David Byrne on SNL VIDEO: 1989 SNL season "Dirty Old Town", "Loco De Amor" (9 min) VIDEO: "True Stories" (90 min)
The Carpenters - A&E Profile (60 min) Johnny Carson - "Here's Johnny--Magic moments from the Tonight Show" (2-LPs) Chicago On Donnie & Marie VIDEO: 4/23/99 Donny & Marie appearance "Show Me A Sign" and standing interview, with James as spokesman, "Beginnings" over credits (11min) VIDEO: 3/29/2004 on Ellen Degeneres Show: Does Anybody Really Know ..., 25 or 6 to 4 (7 minutes) Cranberries CD-R 14 Jan, 1994 at Astoria, London: The Mission, Pretty, Sunday, Dreaming My Dreams, Linger, Put Me Down, Ridiculous Thoughts, Daffodils Lament, Not Sorry, Waltzing Back, Dreams, Zombie, Still Can't Jim Croce Jim Croce Jim Croce VIDEO: VH1 Behind The Music (60 min) Sheryl Crow CD-R 06 Jun 1994 at Shepherd's Bush, London: Wake me up when you are over / Can't cry anymore / Run baby, run / The na-na song / Strong enough / No one said it would be easy / Leaving Las Vegas / What I can do for you / I shall believe Crowded House CD-R 11 Jun 1994 - Finsbury, London- XM Cafe Live #285: When You Come, Fall At Your Feet, Fingers Of Love, Pineapple Head, Four Seasons In One Day, Locked Out, Weather With You, Private Universe, Don't Dream It's Over, Catherine Wheels, Together Alone, The Parting Glass, (60 min) Bruce Cockburn CD single with bonus live version of "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" live radio concert - Explains why he recorded "Rocket Launcher" CD-R 06 Jun, 2003 World Cafe appearance: True Tested, Trickle Down, You Put It In Your Heart, Let The Bad Air Out, Open, Last Song Elvis Costello Elvis Costello on SNL Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach VIDEO: 88o SNL "Veronica", "Let Him Dangle" (11 min) VIDEO: 09/28/98 on David Letterman, song and interview (6 min) VIDEO: 90t SNL "The Other Side of Summer", "So Like Candy" (10 min) 7" Promotional EP Live At Hollywood High: Accidents Will Happen (3:20), Alison (3:04), "Watching The Detectives (6:06) - 1978 CD-R: 24 Oct, 1983 at hammersmith palais, london: let them all talk, possession, watch your step, the greatest thing, man out of time, shabby doll, from head to toe, charm school, oliver's army, shipbuilding, the world and his wife, alison, clowntime is over, Everyday I write the Book, t.k.o. (boxing day) Counting Crows Storytellers Storytellers VIDEO: VH1 Storytellers: "Mr Jones", "Rain King", "Catapult", "Have You Seen Me Lately", "Ghost Train", etc. (60 min) VIDEO: SNL 93k "Mr. Jones" (4 min) CD-R: 2002 - Irving Plaza (XM Cafe #244) (49 min) Sheryl Crow Sheryl Crow on SNL Sheryl Crow on Letterman VIDEO: SNL 96b "If It Makes You Happy" (6 min) VIDEO: 10-03-1998 on SNL "My Favorite Mistake" (6 min) VIDEO: 10-09-1998 on Letterman "My Favorite Mistake" (5 min) VIDEO: VH1 video timeline (30 min) Cranberries  94n SNL appearance VIDEO: 1994 SNL appearance "Zombie" (5 min) Culture Club - live concert The Cure CD-R: 17 Dec 1997 at Shepherds Bush Empire: Shake Dog Shake, Torture, Fascination Street, Push, One Hundred years, Prayers For Rain, Inbetween Days, Wrong Number, Cut, A Forest, Boys Don't Cry
"Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam VI" - (29 Mar, 1980 - 120 min) featuring Winters Bros Band, Louisiana Leroux, Dobie Gray, Crystal Gayle, Charlie Daniels Band, CDB w/Bobbie Jones & New Life, Wet Willie, Henry Paul Band, Papa John Creach, Ted Nugent, Rufus Thomas, Grinderswitch K. Newell Dayley VIDEO: Immanuel, performed at Ricks College (1997 - 68 min) Part I - His Eternal Purposes 1. This is my work and my glory, 6:04 2. Opposition in all things, 4:00 3. How Art Thou Fallen, 5:20 Part II - Adam Fell That Man Might Be 4. A time to prepare, 7:00 5. Thou mayest be redeemed, 4:12 6. Blessed be, 8:12 Part III - God Shall Be With Us 7. He shall come down, 4:43 8. The will of the Father, 7:30 9. The light and the life of the world, 8:57 10. Be ye clean, 3:15 11. Ye must be born again, 4:08 12. That they might have joy, 4:38 Dr. Demento "Dr. Demento's Delights" (1975 - 31 min) "Dr. Demento's Dementia Royale" (1980) "Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Novelty Records of All Time" Vol. 1 - The 40's and Earlier (34 min) Vol. 2 - The 50's (37 min) Vol. 3 - The 60's (34 min) Vol. 4 - The 70's (39 min) Vol. 5 - The 80's (46 min) Vol. 6 - Christmas (41 min) 1988 April Fool's Day 20th Anniversary Show VIDEO: Dr. Demento's Comedy Classics on Night Flight (1985 - 30 min) VIDEO: Dr. Demento's Top 20 Videos (MTV April Fool's Day 1988 - 90 min) VIDEO: Dr. Demento's Top 20 Videos (MTV April Fool's Day 1989 - 120 min) VIDEO: Dr. Demento's 20th Anniversary Show--featuring Monster Mash, Dead Puppies, Purple People Eater, Tiptoe Thru' The Tulips, The Old Philosopher, Addicted To Spuds, Shaving Cream (all live!) (Sept, 1991 - Comedy Central - 60min) VIDEO: VH1-8 track flashback with Suzanne Sommers: Novelty Videos: Carl Douglas--Kung Fu Fighting, Rick Dees--Disco Duck, C.W McCall-- Convoy, Ray Stevens--The Streak, Randy Newman--Short People, Billy Preston--Outa-Site over credits (30 min) "Basement Tapes 1" (1992 - 70 min) Favorite unreleased artists "Basement Tapes 2" (1993 - 69 min) Favorite unreleased artists "Basement Tapes 3" (1994 - 67 min) Favorite unreleased artists "Basement Tapes 4" (1995 - 65 min) Favorite unreleased artists "Basement Tapes 5" (1996 - min) Favorite unreleased artists "Basement Tapes 6" (1997 - min) Favorite unreleased artists "Basement Tapes 7" (1998 - min) Favorite unreleased artists "Basement Tapes 8" (1999 - min) Favorite unreleased artists "Basement Tapes 9" (2000 - min) Favorite unreleased artists "Basement Tapes 10" (2001 - min) Favorite unreleased artists "Basement Tapes 11" (2002 - min) Favorite unreleased artists "Basement Tapes 12" (2003 - min) Favorite unreleased artists I also have many of the good Doctor's shows on tape--see "my topics" file for more information. John Denver With the Mitchell Trio In the 70's VIDEO: VH1 Behind The Music (60 min) Dire Straits CD-R Paris Theatre, London UK 19.07.78 (SB): Down To The Waterline, Water Of Love, Wild West End, Sultans Of Swing, Lions Dixie Chicks CD-R: 2003 Concert (54 min): A Home, Truth No. 2, If I Fall You're Going Down With Me, Mississippi (Bob Dylan cover), Cowboy Take Me Away, Godspeed (Sweet Dreams), Landslide (Fleetwood Mac cover), Ready To Run, Wide Open Spaces, Top Of The World, Sin Wagon Doobie Brothers: VIDEO: farewell concert (60 min) Duran Duran: VIDEO: (60 min) CD-R: 17 Dec, 1981 at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK: Anyone Out There?, Planet Earth, To The Shore/Late Bar, Last Chance On The Stairway, Faster Than Light, Khanada, Night Boat, My Own Way, Careless Memories, Girls On Film CD-R: 25 Apr, 1989 at Apollo, Manchester, UK: Big Thing, I Don't Want Your Love, Hungry Like the Wolf, Palamino, John gets nostalgic, Girls on Film, Notorious, A View to A Kill, Skin Trade, Save a prayer, Get it on (Bang a gong), The Reflex, Rio Ian Dury and the Blockheads CD-R 1980 at Dominion Theatre, London: Upminster Kid, Clever Trevor, Sink My Boats, I'm Partial To You Abracadabra, Superman's Big Sister, Yes & No (Paula), Uncoolohol, Delusions of Grandeur, Dance of the Crackpots, What A Waste, Hey Hey Take Me Away, Manic Depression, Oh Mr. Peanut, Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) CD-R The Hippodrome, Golders Green, 1974: Ma-ma-ma Belle, King of the Universe, Bluebird is Dead, Oh No Not Susan, New World Rising, Violin Solo / Orange Blossom Special, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Great Balls of Fire CD-R 22 July, 1976 at The Guildhall, Portsmouth: Poker, Night Rider, King of the Universe, Bluebird is Dead, Showdown, Eldorado Overture/ Can't Get It Out of My Head, Poor Boy (The Greenwood), Illusions in G Major, Strange Magic, 10538 Overture, Evil Woman Melissa Etheridge - VIDEO: VH1 Behind The Music (60 min) Eurythmics 1989 SNL appearance VIDEO: 1989 SNL season "Angel", "Baby's Gonna Cry" (11 min)
Georgie Fame: live concert on CD-R, features "Yeh, Yeh" A Flock of Seagulls: 1982 live concert on CD-R: Modern Love is Automatic, Standing In The Doorway, Telecomunication, Manmade, I Ran, (It's Not Me) Talking Firesign Theater-- "Dear Friends" (1972) 74 min "Everything You Know Is Wrong" (1974) 42 min "Just Folks ... A Fireside Chat" (1977) 40 min 45 RPM 7" RNPD 904: "Reagan" (2:50) from "Fighting Clowns", "Carter" (3:05) bonus cut VIDEO: 2001 PBS special "Weirdly Cool". Includes performance of: "How can you be 2 places at once when you're not anywhere at all?", "The Adventures of Nick Danger, Third Eye", "Highschool Madness", "Hellos and Goodbyes" Wildman Fischer--(produced by Barnes & Barnes) "Pronounced Normal" with cover of "Fish Heads" Ben Folds CD-R: 12 Jun, 2002 at XM studios: Fred Jones Part 2, Zak and Sara, Eddie Walker, Emaline, Song For The Dumped ("in minor key, because it's sad"), Army, Philosophy, Annie Waits, Kate, Not The Same (audience harmony) Foreigner CD-R: Long Long Way From Home, Double Vision, Cold As Ice, Head Games, A Fool For You Anyway, That Was Yesterday, Dirty White Boy, Feels Like The First Time, Urgent, Juke Box Hero, I Have Waited So Long, Hot Blood/cut Live various cities (78 min) The Foremen--Promotional single of "Do The Clinton" with bonus non-album track "Christmas Is Pain" (3:29)
Fleetwood Mac The Dance concert The Dance concert The Dance concert MTV documentary audio only (aired 29 Aug 1982 - 28 min) VIDEO: "The Dance" Concert 11-30-97 (83 min) "The Chain", "Dreams", "Everywhere", "Gold Dust Woman", "Bleed To Love Her", "Say You Love Me", etc. VIDEO: VH1 Stories Behind The Music (60 min) Dan Fogelberg DVD-R: Soundstage (2004 - 60 min): Part of the Plan, Heart Hotels, Hard To Say, Full Circle, Reach Haven Postcard, Run For the Roses, The Leader of the Band, Same Old Lang Syne, Missing You, The Power Of Gold Stan Freburg--four albums "Best Of" "With The Original Cast" "Best Of The Stan Freburg Radio Shows (Vol 1)" with "Elderly Man River" "The United States of America (Vol. 1)"
Crawford Gates ALBUM: Scenes from the Book of Mormon (symphony No. 2 excerpts - 35:45) This music was originally written for the annual Hill Cumorah Pageant. 1. Herald and hymn for brasses, 2:00 2. Evocation, 2:15 4. Cumorah pastorale, 2:10 6. The vision of Nephi, 14:30 7. The burning of Abinadi, 8:35 8. The conversion of Alma, 4:40 12. Samuel's prophesy, the birth of Christ, 3:50 14. Cataclysm, 1:00 15. The faithful behold the Christ, 3:00 16. Postlude, 2:20 VIDEO: Visions of Eternity, performed at Ricks College (1993 - 68 min) Genesis: CD-R: 15 Apr, 1975 at Empire Pool, Wembley: Watcher Of The Skys, Cuckoo Coocoon, In The Cage/Stalactites, Stalagmites, Back In NYC, Counting Out Time, The Carpet Crawlers, ??, Anyway, ??, The Light Lies Down On Broadway Gentle Giant: CD-R: Golders 5 Jan, 1978, Green Hippodrome,London: Two Weeks In Spain, Free Hand, On Reflection, Just The Same, Memories Of Old Days, Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It, I'm Turing Around, For Nobody, Mountain Time Gin Blossoms CD-R: 1995-London: DAY JOB, TIL I HEAR IT FROM YOU, MY CAR, ALLISON ROAD, PERFECTLY STILL, MEMPHIS TIME, WHITEWASH, VIRGINIA, FOUND OUT ABOUT YOU, AS LONG AS IT MATTERS, I CAN'T FIGURE YOU OUT, NOT ONLY NUMB, HEY JEALOUSY, COMPETITION SMILE, HANDS ARE TIED Steve Goodman-- The Essential...Steve Goodman (1976), Words We Can Dance To (1976), Say It In Private (1977), High And Outside (1979) Dying Cub Fan's Last Request Idiot's Delight appearance with John Prine (1979 WMMR-FM, Philly) The Go-Go's--VIDEO: The Go-Go's at the Greek (60 min) Go-Go's "Album Flash" (30 min) Jay Leno Tonight Show: song and interview (7 May, 2001 - 6 min)
Daryl Hall CD-R: Live at the Forum, Kentish Town, London, England 12/6/1993 (SDBD, A+, Time: 55 min.) Money Changes Everything, Help Me Find A Way To Your Heart, Borderline, Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You, Send Me, Love TKO, I Can't Go For That, I'am In A Philly Mood, Love Revelation, Maneater The Hee-Bee-Gee-Bees (1 album) "Never Mind the Originals, Here's the Hee-Bee-Gee-Bees/439 Golden Greats" Parodies of several popular artists, including The Eagles, The Police, etc. Don Henley Don Henley on SNL VIDEO: 1989 SNL Season "The Last Worthless Evening" (8 min) Gordon B. Hickley Larry King Live 1998 VIDEO: 8 Sep, 1998 on Larry King Live (60 min) VIDEO: 24 Dec, 1999 - Larry King Live from the Tabernacle (60 min) Homer & Jethro - "Country Comedy" 2-record set Hoosier Hotshots - compilation LP culled from various old 78 records.
INXS VIDEO: SNL 90m "Bitter Tears" (5 min)
Janet Jackson 1993 SNL appearance VIDEO: 1993 SNL season "Throb", "Any Time, Any Place" (11 min) Jewel CD-R: Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 14th November 1997 (56:44) Enter From The East, Everything Breaks, Don't, Pieces Of You, Nicotine Love, Who Will Save Your Soul, Cold Song, Last Dance Rodeo, Near you Always, Foolish Games, You Were Meant For Me, Lasciatemi Morirre, Fatboy, Amen
Joe Jackson the interview There Goes The Proof VIDEO: See my extensive list of JJ video AUDIO: "Real Men" EP--includes Spanish versions of: "Cancer", "Target", and "Another World" "The Harder They Come" EP, also includes "Tilt" and "Out of Style" "Enough Is Not Enough" b/side of "Mad at You" European single "Don't Ask Me" from A&M compilation "Propoganda" 14 May, 1979 concert at Waldorf, San Francisco (on CD-R) 20 Oct, 1979 Joe Jackson live at the Park West, Chicago, IL (56 min) 1979 Joe Jackson live at the Bottom Line, NY 06 Apr, 1980 Joe Jackson live (broadcast date - 48 min - A+ quality) CD-R ?? Oct, 1980 at Hammersmith, London: I'm The Man, Biology, Beat Crazy, Look Sharp, Crime Don't Pay, Pretty Boys, On The Radio, Friday, Fit, Is She Really GOWH, Don't Wanna Be Like That, Got The Time CD-R 15 Aug, 1982 at Hammersmith Odeon, London: Look Sharp, Cancer, Real Men, Friday, Breaking Us In Two, Fools In Love (slow version), Chinatown, Target/T.V. Age, It's Different For Girls, Steppin' Out Joe Jackson live (BBC Rock Hour--last British Night & Day tour appearance - 40 min) 25 Jan, 1983 Joe Jackson live in Milano (45 min) CD-R 30 Jan 1995 at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK: Lullaby (from tape), Home Town, Real Men, Stranger Than Fiction, Sea Of Secrets, The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy, Ever After, Only The Future, Another World, Chinatown, Breaking Us In Two, You Can't Get What You Want (56 min) 1986 Vancouver concert (One More Time, You Can't Get What You Want, Wild West, Right And Wrong, Hometown, On Your Radio, Shanghai Sky, Forty Years, Steppin' Out, Survival, Soul Kiss, Different For Girls, Monday Papers, Tonight and Forever, Jack You're Dead, What's The Use of Getting Sober?, Jumpin' Jive, I'm The Man, Man In The Street/, Breaking Us In Two--90 min A) 27 Nov, 1994 Idiot's Delight appearance promoting Night Music (WXRK-FM) 30 Nov, 1994 Boston concert (Nocturne #4, Different For Girls/Is She Really Going Out With Him?, Not Here, Not Now, Stranger Than Fiction, The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy, Sea Of Secrets, Nocturne #2, Down To London, Tango Atlantico, Ever After, Lullabye, Only The Future, Another World, Chinatown, Breaking Us In Two, You Cant Get What You Want, Got The Time, What's The Use of Getting Sober?, I'm The Man, 13 May, 1995 Joe Jackson live from the House of Blues (audio or video) 15 Nov, 1997 live concert at the Lincoln theatre, Washington DC (2 CD-Rs): Is She Really Going Out With Him/It's Different For Girls, Real Men, Be My Number Two, YCGWY Want/Elanor Rigby, Hometown, Nineteen Forever, The Other Me, Danny Boy Deconstruction, The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy, Prelude, More Is More, Angel, Tuzla, A Bud and a Slice, Right!, The Bridge, Song of Daedalus, Steppin' Out (lounge version), A Slow Song 04 Aug, 1999 Joe's Pub live show (2 CDs): Summer in the City, Fools In Love/For Your Love, Another World, Over the Rainbow, Blue Flame, Junkie Girl, Sea of Secrets, We Can't Live Together, Life On Mars, Be My Number Two/It's Different For Girls, new album explanation, Glamour and Pain, Dear Mom, Love Got Lost, Nineteen Forever, The In Crowd, King of the World, YCGWYWTYKWY Want, Don't Get Around Much Anymore, A Slow Song Three of Hearts--dub from R-rated movie (for hard-core fans only) 1999 CBC broadcast of Heaven & Hell Toronto concert 18 Aug, 2000 Gavin Convention concert--Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO Just JJ and Graham Maby in an informal set (on 1 CD-R): 06 Nov, 2000 WFUW broadcast (on CD-R) 08 Jan, 2001 Dusseldorf concert (on 2 CD-Rs) w/You Can't Be Too Strong 14 Jan, 2001 FM-radio broadcast of Hamburg concert (on 2 CD-Rs): Prelude, Hell of A Town, YCGWYWTYKWYW, Dear Mom, Stranger Than You, Another World, Chinatown, Is She Really Going Out With Him, Breaking Us In Two, Be My Number Two, Hometown, For No One, Drowning, It's Different For Girls, Love Got Lost, Real Men, Stranger Than Fiction, Glamour And Pain, Target, Just Because, Got The Time, Stay/Steppin' Out, Blaze Of Glory, A Slow Song 15 Mar, 2001--Live concert at Tribeca Performing Arts Center (2 CD-Rs): Book readings, Stepping Out, Be My Number Two, For No One, Hometown, Life On Mars, It's Different For Girls, Intro, The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy, Drowning, The Other Me, Real Men, Intro/Love Got Lost, Cancer, Stranger Than You, Is She Really Going Out With Him, Book reading--Epilogue, Sea of Secrets 06 Apr, 2001--Live concert at John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, Hollywood, CA. w/Blue Flame (on 2 CD-Rs) 22 Apr, 2001--NPR Weekend Edition--recorded from Realaudio archive (18 min) CD-R 25 Apr, 2003--World Cafe: One More Time, Take It Like A Man, Interview, Love At First Light, Fairy Dust, band intros, Awkward Age, Got The Time, plug for "Vol. 4", Steppin' Out (album cut) (40 min on CD-R) The Jam CD-R: 29 Dec 1979 - The London Rainbow: Girl On The Phone, It's Too Bad, Burning Sky, Away From The Numbers, Smithers-Jones, Mr. Clean, Butterfly Collector/Private Hell, Thick As Thieves, When You're Young, Strange Town, The Eton Rifles, Down In The Tube Station At Midnight, Saturday's Kids, All Mod Cons/David Watts Billy Joel: (See also "Various Artists)" On Saturday Night Live 1989 VH1 Video Collection On Saturday Night Live 1993 Inside The Actors Studio VIDEO: Billy Joel in concert (90 min) VIDEO: VH1-Behind The Music (60 min) VIDEO: VH1-Storytellers (60 min) VIDEO: 1989 SNL season "We Didn't Start The Fire", "Downeaster Alexa" (10 min) VIDEO: The Billy Joel Video Collection, hosted by Kristen Eykel (60 min) Piano Man, It's Still Rock & Roll To Me, interview about "The Nylon Curtain", Allentown, interview, Tell Her About It, Uptown Girl, interview, A Matter Of Trust, interview, We Didn't Start The Fire, River Of Dreams, Hey Girl (over credits) 7" You're Only Human (Second Wind) VIDEO: 1993d SNL season "The River of Dreams", "All About Soul" (12 min) VIDEO: Time & Again (NBC interview) (59 min/end cut off) VIDEO: Bravo-Inside The Actor's Studio (2000--120 min) VIDEO: Tonight/Leno 02/07/2001 Interview & Performance w/Elton John "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", "Piano Man" VIDEO: ABC "In Concert" Yankee Stadium w/Madison Michelle (30 min-end cut off) Cassette single: "To Make You Feel My Love", "Intro/Summer, Highland Falls" [solo piano live] from "The Words & Music Tour", "Summer, Highland Falls" [band live] from "Songs In The Attic" (1997) Elton John: (See also "Various Artists)" Duet w/Leann Rimes 7" Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Young Man's Blues (4:41) - 1973 CD-Rx2: 22 Dec, 2973 at Hammersmith Odeon, London: Funeral For A Friend/ Love Lies Bleeding, Candle In The Wind, Hercules, Rocket Man, Bennie And The Jets, Daniel, This Song Has No Title, Honky Cat, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34), Elderberry Wine, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer [instrumental], I've Seen That Movie Too, All The Girls Love Alice, Band Introduction/ Crocodile Rock, Your Song, Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting CD-R 24 Dec, 1973 at Hammersmith Odeon, London: Funeral For A Friend, Love Lies Bleeding, Candle In The Wind, Hercules, Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time), Bennie And The Jets, Daniel, This Song Has No Title, Honky Cat 7" Philadelphia Freedom, I Saw Her Standing There (live, with John Lennon) (3:53) - 1975 CD-R 24 Dec, 1974 at Hammersmith Odeon, London: Skyline Pigeon, I Need You To Turn To, Border Song, Take Me To The Pilot, Country Comfort, Holiday Inn, High Flying Bird, Burn Down The Mission, Funeral For A Friend, Love Lies Bleeding, Candle In The Wind Concert in Central Park (mono - 1980) CD-R: 24 Dec, 1982 at Hammersmith Odeon, London: The Bitch is Back, Empty Garden, Elton's Song, Where To Now St. Peter, Where Have All The Good Times Gone, Rocket Man, Blue Eyes, Bennie And The Jets (extended solo), All Quiet On The Western Front, Your Song, Crocodile Rock (55 min) VIDEO: VH1 special (60 min) VIDEO: Elton John '92 Barcelona concert (60 min) VIDEO: 10/12/98 CNN Elton's Broadway show "Aida", charities, tour (3 min) VIDEO: 03/22/99 Leno interview 6m & duet with Leann Rimes (11 min) VIDEO: Tonight/Leno 02/07/2001 Interview & Performance w/Billy Joel "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", "Piano Man"
Olivia Newton John: (See also "Various Artists)" Intimate Portrait VIDEO: In concert (80 min) VIDEO: LIFETIME "Intimate Portrait" 10-17-98 (60 min)
Howard Jones: (See also "Various Artists)" live at the Apollo, Manchester 7" New Song (4:15), Conditioning (4:06) - 1983 7" New Song (4:15), Change The Man (4:27) - 1983 12" New Song (4:15), Change The Man (4:27), New Song (extended version) (5:27), Conditioning (4:06) - 1983 7" What Is Love (3:40), It Just Doesn't Matter (3:32) - 1983 7" Pearl In The Shell, Law Of The Jungle (3:12) - 1984 The 12" Album: Always Asking Questions (5:23), New Song (new version) (5:23), What Is Love (extended mix) (6:34), Like To Get To Know You Well (international mix) (7:35), Pearl In The Shell (extended mix) (6:44), Total Conditioning (6:58) - 1984 7" Things Can Only Get Better (3:59), Why Look for the Key (3:40) - 1985 12" Things Can Only Get Better [extended mix] (7:26), Why Look For The Key (3:40), You Jazzy Nork! (4:50) - 1985 7" Life In One Day (3:36), Learning How To Love (5:18) - 1985 12" Life In One Day (Part one), Life In One Day (Part two), Boom Bap Respite (2:40) - 1985 12" Look Mama (extended mix), Learning How To Love, Dream Into Action (love at the Manchester Apollo 3/15/85) - 1985 7" No One Is To Blame (4:10), The Chase (2:50) - 1986 Action Replay: No One Is To Blame (4:10), Look Mama (extended mix) (6:20), Hide And Seek (long version) (8:35), Always Asking Questions (4:27), Bounce Right Back (cause & effect mix) (7:25), Specialty (3:52) - 1986 7" 2-record gatefold--Record 1: All I Want/Roll Right Up Record 2: HJ interviewed by Paul Gambaccini (7:12 + 7:12) - 1986 7" You Know I Love You ... Don't You? (4:04), Roll Right Up (4:48) - 1986 "No One Is To Blame" (live) on The Prince's Trust 10th Anniv Album - 1987 7" Everlasting Love (4:17), The Brutality of Fact (4:24) - 1989 12" Everlasting Love [808 mix], Everlasting Love, The Brutality of Fact, Power Of The Media - 1989 12" The Prisoner (the Portmeirion mix) (6:59), Rubber Morals (4:18), Have You Heard The News? (3:55) - 1989 "Don't Be Part of It" song on PETA album Tame Yourself - 1991 CS Lift Me Up", "I.G.Y" (live in Philadelphia--unavailable on LP) - 1992 "If You Love" song from the Party Of Five Album - 1996 CD's: CD-R 07 Apr, 1984 at Friars Aylesbury: Hunt The Self, Pearl In The Shell, Always Asking Questions, Don't Always Look At The Rain, Change The Man, Like To Get To Know You, Equality, Dream Into Action, New Song, What Is Love CD-R 17 Dec, 1984 at Royal Albert Hall, London: Like To Get To Know You Well, look Mama, Hunger For The Flesh, Natural, Hide And Seek, Always Asking Questions, No One Is To Blame, Equality, What Is Love, New Song, Hunt The Self Best of Howard Jones (includes I.G.Y, unavailable on LP) "Working In The Backroom" privately issued album. (1994 - 51 min) VIDEO: "Like To Get To Know You Well" (1984 - 60 min) VIDEO: "Last World Dream" (60 min) VIDEO: Best of Howard Jones (video collection) VIDEO: American Bandstand Season 27/Episode 2614: "Things Can Only Get Better", interview, "Life In One Day" (7 Jul, 1984 - 10 min) VIDEO: Live in Japan (79 min - C+ quality) VIDEO: One On One--Interview about starting his own record compnay and making the "Working in the Backroom" album (4 min - B quality) VIDEO: Live at the Apollo, Manchester. (1985 - 64 min - A- quality) Spike Jones--four albums: "Best Of (Vols. 1 and 2) (73 min) "The Very Best Of" Holiday For Strings, River Stay 'Way From My Door, Feetlebaum [A Mother's Day Sport Spectacular], September Song, The Late Late Movies Part II, I Kiss Your Hand Madame, Ah-1 Ah-2 Ah-Sunset Strip, Strip Polka, The Late Late Movies - Part II "Spike Jones In Stereo" (Halloween album)--different "My Old Flame" (42 min) "Spike Jones Is Murdering the Classics" (52 min) Journey - 7" promotional EP: On A Saturday Night (3:58), It's All Too Much (4:03), Look Into The Future (8:10) (1976) Justus Bros - CD-R: "Hit Songs from Open Any Door" an LDS musical stage production (1978 - 45 min)
Tonio K--seven albums by one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our age: "La Bomba" with "Mars Needs Women" Notes from "Notes From The Lost Civilization" Tonio explains the theme of the album and each song from it. Bonus cut "What Women Want" which was not released on the "Word Records" version (CD-R 20 min) King Crimson: CD-R: 23 Nov, 1973 at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw: Easy Money, Lament, Book Of Saturday, Exiles, The Mincer/The Talking Drum/Larks' Tongues In Aspic, 21st Century Schizoid Man The Kinks CD-R Hippodrome, Golders Green, London, Jul. 14, 1974: Victoria, Here Comes Yet Another Day, Money Talks, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, Mirror Of Love, Celluloid Heroes, Daylight, Here Comes Flash, Demolition, He's Evil, Lola, Skin And Bone/Dry Bones Ernie Kovaks - TV show record album. Hear what your parents watched in the early 1960s before Monty Python. If only he had lived longer ...
Christine Lavin - A great singer-songwriter, who writes serious and funny songs, usually marketed as a "folksinger". I first heard her on the Dr. Demento song. See her in concert, she can also spin the baton! NPR weekend edition 27 June, 1999 interview and unreleased song (12 min) LDS Church--Dept of Seminaries and Religion: CD-R: Like Unto Us CD-R: The Quest (excluding folk songs) CD-R: Gates of Zion CD-R: Not of the World CD-R: Hold To The Rod 1-6 CD-R: Free To Choose CD-R: Hold To The Rod 7-12 CD-R: Heber J Grant (from the "Voices of the Prophets" series) Tom Lehrer Revisited An Evening Wasted With That Was The Year That Was several rarities that Dr. Demento has featured on his show Level 42 CD-R 10 Jan, 1983 at Fulcrum Center Thames Hall, Slough, UK: HEATHROW, DANCE ON HEAVY WEATHER, TURN IT ON, BASS SOLO, LOVE GAMES, I WANT EYES, SANDSTORM, OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND, MICRO-KID, 43, EYES WATERFALLING, STARCHILD, THE SUN GOES DOWN, THE CHINESE WAY, AUDIENCE, ARE YOU HEARING (WHAT I HEAR) Huey Lewis & The News VIDEO: 06-24-2003 Conan O'Brian "We're Not Here For A Long Time (We're Here For A Good Time)", Interview (9 min) Gordon Lightfoot - WTTW Soundstage concert (audio only - 03 Sep, 1982) The Longines Symphonette Society "40 Funky Hits" (3-record set)
Kirsty MacColl CD-R: 26 Jun, 1992 at Glastonbury Festival: A New England, Tread Lightly, 15 Minutes, Don't Come The Cowboy, Stand by me (Train in Vain), Walking down Madison, Free world, There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis (28 min) Mad Magazine--Mad Disco (1980) flexi-disk: "Disco Suicide", "Sorry, No Words", "This Time, This Night", "Barely Alive", "The Disco Clap", "It's A Gas" Madonna On Saturday Night Live 1992 VIDEO: 1992 SNL season "Fever", "Bad Girl" (14 min) Madness - live radio concert Mannheim Steamroller VIDEO: A Fresh Aire Christmas Video (1988) Bob Marley & The Wailers CD-R: 24 May, 1973 - The Paris Theatre, London (50 min) Rastaman Chant, Slave Driver, Stop That Train, No More Trouble, 400 Years, Midnight Raver, Stir It Up, Concrete Jungle, Get Up Stand Up, Kinky Reggae Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers CD-R: November, 1989 - Town And Country Club, London (57:10) Black My Story, One Bright Day, Lively Up Yourself, Tumblin' Down, Tomorrow People, Buffalo Soldier, Look Who's Dancing, War / No More Trouble / Get Up Stand Up, Dreams Of Home, Redemption Song Ricki Martin 1999 Tonight Show VIDEO: 05/26/99 Tonight show "Livin' the Vida Loco", interview (last minute cut off) VIDEO: 10/27/99 Late Show song and interview. (9 min) VIDEO: Top of the Pops "Loaded" live (2001 - 3 min) Don McLean: CD-R: 1975 Hard Rock Club, Manchester (58 min): Bronco Bill's Lament, Empty Chairs, La La Love You, American Pie, Homeless Brother, Respectable, Over The Mountain (trad.), Masters of War (Bob Dylan), The Legend of Andrew McCrew, Babylon, This Little Light of Mine, Vincent Tony Millionaire 1998 SNL premere VIDEO: From 1998 SNL season premere [cc] Martin Mull w/Flo & Eddie - WTTW Soundstage show (audio only) B+ Bob & Doug McKenzie - Great White North (1981) Monty Python's Flying Circus--6 albums "Monty Python's Flying Circus" (1970 - 54 min) "Another Monty Python Record" (1972 - 55 min) "Monty Python's Previous Record" (1973 - 46 min) "Monty Python's Matching Tie and Handkerchief" (1973 - 42 min) "Monty Python Live At Drury Lane" (import) (1974 - 61 min) "The Album of the Soundtrack of the Trailer of the Film of Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (1975 - 47 min) John Cleese--How To Irritate People (66 min), Fawlty Towers (13 episodes) The Moody Blues--several rarities: Live At Red Rocks On Hard Rock Live On Hard Rock Live On Hard Rock Live VIDEO: Live At Red Rocks (105 min) VIDEO: VH1 Hard Rock Live (30 min) VIDEO: The View "Tuesday Afternoon", "English Sunset" (1999 - 9 min) VIDEO: Live w/Orchesatra (5/??/2000 - 77 min) Their first album "Go Now", featuring Denny Laine "Caught Live + Five" album never released on CD with bonus tracks Graham Edge solo albums: "Kick off your muddy boots", "Paradise Ballroom" Ray Thomas solo albums: "From Mighty Oaks", "Hopes, Wishes & Dreams" Michael Pinder solo album: "The Promise" Justin Hayward/John Lodge solo album: "Blue Jays" Justin Hayward solo albums: "Songwriter", "Moving Mountains", "The View From The Hill" live concert from time of the release of "The Present" (1982) What Child Is This? (from the 1995 album "Christmas Classics") 5-cd "Time Traveller" boxed set with bonus tracks not on the current 4-cd set of the same name. DVD: Live from the Royal Albert Hall (83min): Overture, Tuesday Afternoon, English Sunset, Words You Say, The Story in Your Eyes, [2007 Denver Concert promo], I Know You're Out There Somewhere, Haunted, Your Wildest Dreams, Isn't Life Strange, I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band), Nights in White Satin, Legend of a Mind, Question, Ride My See-Saw Alanis Morissette CD-R: Live: Would Not Come, Can't Not, Hand In My Pocket, Are You Still Mad ?, Sympathetic Character, Your House, Right Through You, All I Really Want, Uninvited, Thank U, Ironic, Wake Up The Mormon Pioneers "The Mormon Pioneers" - The seventh album in the Columbia Records Legacy Collection (1965). Readings from pioneer journals, and performances of Mormon folk songs from the pioneer era. I have never seen another copy of this album. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir--Many albums, some of them are now out-of-print including: "The Oratorio from The Book of Mormon" with Robertson's "The Lord's Prayer" VIDEO: Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas special (45 min) Songs of America (1989 - xx min) Christmas With the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (1994 - 39 min) Narrator Roma Downey Associate Conductor Craig Jessop The Canadian Brass The Canadian Brass A Christmas Gloria with The Canadian Brass (1998 - 60 min) Maria Muldaur CD-R: after 1995 at Cambridge Folt Festival: I'm A Woman, Walking One And Only, Any Old Time, Rio De Janero Blues, Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love, It's In The Book Musical Youth VIDEO: 1982q SNL "Pass the Dutchie" (5 min) National Lampoon Radio Dinner -- includes Deteriorata (8T - 1972 - 43 min)
Randy Newman CD-R 1974, Paris Theatre: Lover's Prayer, You Can Leave Your Hat On, Marie, Simon Smith & The Dancing Bear, I'll Be Home, Birmingham, A Wedding In Cherokee County, My Old Kentucky Home, Political Science, Dayton Ohio, I Think It's Going To Rain Today 1986 SNL season 1988 SNL season VIDEO: 1977i SNL: "Short People" (3 min) w/o his comments to detractors VIDEO: 1982n SNL: "I Love L.A.", "Real Emotional Girl" (7 min) VIDEO: 1986 SNL season "Longest Night", "Roll With The Punches" (9 min) VIDEO: 1988 SNL season "It's Money That Matters", "Dixie Flyer" w/Mark Knopfler (11 min) VIDEO: 2002-Oct 11 Bravo "Musicians" (60 min) CD-R: 17 Nov, 2003 on World Cafe: Interview, Political Science, Interview, I Think It's Going To Rain Today, Interview, Rednecks, Interview, Great Nations of Europe, goodbye CD-R: 1 Jan, 2004 on Fresh Air-excerpts from past interviews. From 1992: Emotional Girl, interview, Lonely at the Top (chorus only) From 1998: interview, Love Is Blind, interview, Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong, You Can Leave Your Hat On, Let Me Go No Doubt On Saturday Night Live 1996 VIDEO: 1996 SNL season "Don't Speak" (7min) Ken Nordine How Are Things In Your Town "How Are Things In Your Town?", a double-album collection (78 min) from the 4 Word Jazz albums of 1957-1960. Stream-of consciousness musings accompanied by jazz combo. Includes "Original Sin", "Confessions of", "The Vidiot", "Hunger is From", "What Time Is It?", etc. Gary Numan CD-R: 13-14 Oct 1983 Hammersmith Odeon, London (59 min): Remind Me To Smile, Metal, This Prison Moon, Down In The Park, This Is My House, The Iceman Comes, Films, Cars, We Take Mystery (To Bed), I Die, You Die, Me, I Disconnect From You, Love Needs No Disguise, Are 'Friends' Electric?
The Ocean Blue: VIDEOS: Sublime, Don't Believe Everything You Hear, Ballerina Out Of Control (w/intro), Between Something And Nothing, Sublime (w/Iggy Pop intro)--(total time 19 min) Special tour album with "Renaissance Man", "The Circus Animals (PA Mix)" "Peace and Light" CD-single with "Peace of Mind" (album version), and bonus tracks "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" (live), "Don't Believe Everything You Hear" (live), and "Sea of Green" (live). Sinead O'Connor VIDEO: SNL 92b "Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home", "War" (7 min) October Project/Mary Fahl Idiot's Delight appearance (Jan, 1994) CD-R 03 Jun, 2003 Mary Fahl on World Cafe: The Other Side of Time, Ben Aindi Habibi, Going Home, Redemption (40 min) Donny Osmond CD-R2 3 May, 2005 live in NYC at BB King from XM radio Angel of my Soul, I'm in it for love, Breeze On By, What I Meant To Say, My Perfect Rhyme, THIS IS THE MOMENT, LUCK BE A LADY, Seasons Of Love, Sacred Emotion, Whenever You're In Trouble, Puppy Love/Go Away Little Girl, Young Love, The Twelfth Of Never, Crazy horses, Faith, This Guy's In Love With You, Insecurity, Shoulda Known Better, Broken Man, Soldier of Love The Osmonds VIDEO: Family Channel "Famous Families" special (60 min) VIDEO: A&E "The Osmonds" Biography special (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 "Donny & Marie" Behind The Music (60 min) Mike Oldfield Hergest Ridge -- follow-up to Tubular Bells (8T - 1974 - 41 min) Omnadawn CD-Rx2 26 Apr, 1979 live at Wembley Conference Center, London, w/band, orchestra, and chorus: Incantations Parts 1-4, Tubular Bells-1, Guilty, Tubular Bells-2, Guilty (encore)
Tom Petty On SNL 1988 season On SNL 1996 season VIDEO: 1988 SNL season "Runnin' Down a Dream", "Free Fallin'" (11 min) VIDEO: 1996 SNL season "Walls", "Angel Dream" (7 min) VIDEO: 1999 VH1 Behind The Music (60 min) VIDEO: 1999 VH1 Storytellers (60 min) VIDEO: 1999 ESPN X-in-concert: videos and interview clips (30 min) Pink Floyd CD-R: 16 Jul, 1970 at Paris Theatre, London (John Peel): Embryo, Green Is the Colour, Careful With That Axe, Eugene, If, Atom Heart Mother CD-R: 30 Sep, 1971 at Paris Cinema, London (John Peel): Fat Old Son, One of These Days, Echoes VIDEO: 09/18/99 CNN interview with Roger Waters (5 min) Poco CD-R: 1 Nov, 2003 at XM studios, Washington DC: Keep On Tryin', Call It Love, Bad Weather, It Must Be Love, Crazy Love, Heart Of The Night, If Your Heart Needs A Hand, Never Get Enough, Picin' Up The Pieces The Police CD-R: 21 Feb, 1979 at Hatfield Polytechnic: Can't Stand Losing You, So Lonely, Fall Out, Hole In My Life, Truth Hits Everybody, Message In A Bottle, Peanuts, Roxanne, Next To You, Encore: Can't Stand Losing You VIDEO: 07/31/82 Live Ghost In The Machine, Gateshead, England (90 min) Barry Lewis Polisar - "Naughty Songs For Boys and Girls" (1978) Includes the song "Never Cook Your Sister In A Frying Pan" and 19 others. Pretenders On SNL 1993 season VIDEO: 1993s SNL season "Night In My Veins", "I'll Stand By You" (10 min) CD-R: BBC "In Concert", including: Stop Your Sobbing, Brass In Pocket, Mystery Achievement, 5 others John Prine--see Steve Goodman Psychedelic Furs CD-R: 12 Dec, 1982; Hammersmith Odeon, London: Yes I Do (Merry-Go-Round), Run And Run, Love My Way, No Easy Street, Only You And I (Angels), President Gas, Danger, Goodbye, Pretty In Pink, She Is Mine, Sister Europe, Sleep Comes Down, Into You Like A Train
Queen CD-R 24 Dec, 1975 at Hammersmith Odeon, London: Now I'm Here, Ogre Battle, White Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody/Killer Queen/March of the Bleck Queen, Bring Back That Leroy Brown, Keep Yourself Alive, Brighton Rock, Liar, In The Lap of The Gods (Revisited), See What A Fool I've Been
Radiohead CD-R 6 Nov, 1995 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge (57 min): The Bends, Bones, Anyone Can Play Guitar, Bulletproof...I Wish I Was, Planet Telex, Bishops Robes, My Iron Lung, Blow Out, Fake Plastic Trees, Nice Dream, Street Spirit (Fade Out), Stop Whispering, You REM MTV R.E.M. uplink 120 min interview Leno 1998 Shiny Happy Monsters Live concert (aired 14 Oct, 1984) CD-R 21 Nov, 1984 at Rock City, Nottingham: Hyena / Talk About The Passion / West Of The Fields /(Don't Go Back To) Rockville / Auctioneer (Another Engine) / So. Central Rain /Sitting Still / Old Man Kensey / Gardening At Night /9-9-Hey Diddle Diddle- Frogmore-Windout / Driver 8 / Pretty Persuasion / Radio Free Europe Deck The Halls (from the 1988 album "Winter Wonderland") VIDEO: MTV uplink 10/28/98 concert recording w/Patty Smith (60 min) VIDEO: Sesame St 03/98 "Shiny Happy Monsters" (4 min) VIDEO: Leno 12/10/98 "Daysleeper", interview about Sesame St (6min) VIDEO: VH1 Storytellers 9/21/99 (60 min) DVD COMPILATION DISC INCLUDES: VIDEO: MTV 120 min 11/01/98: Daysleeper, The One I Love, interview, What's The Frequency Kenneth, (All I've Got to Do Is) Dream, interview, Shining Happy People, Wolves Lower, interview, Nightswimming, Man On The Moon, It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine), interview, Losing My Religion, Everybody Hurts, Daysleeper [live] (70m) VIDEO: DirecTV Freeview (2004): Begin the Begin, What's the Frequency Kenneth, Maps and Legends, The Great Beyond, Bad Day, The One I Love, All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star), Orange Crush, Losing My Religion, At My Most Beautiful, Electrolite, Walk Unafraid, Man On The Moon, Everybody Hurts, So Fast So Numb, Country Feedback, Permanent Vacation, Imitation Of Life, It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) (86m) [from 19 July 2003 - Bowling Green, Wiesbaden, Germany ?] DVD: MTV Unplugged 1991: Disturbance at the Heron House, Radio Song, Fall On Me, It's The End Of The World As We Know It, Losing My Religion, Pop Song 89 (30m) DVD: Headline Act: Stand, Orange Crush, Driver 8, Pop Song 89, The One I Love, It's The End Of The World As We Know It"What's The Frequency, Kenneth?" VIDEO: SNL 94e: What's The Frequency, Kenneth?, I Don't Sleep, I Dream (8m) VIDEO: David Letterman 5/15/2001 Imitation Of Life (5 min) Jonathan Richman - VIDEO 9/15/98 on Viva Variety "I'm So Confused" (3 min) Smokey Robinson CD-R: Rolling Stones CD-R: The Stones at the Beeb (60 min) Rollins Band On SNL 1996 season VIDEO: 1996 SNL season "Starve" (5 min) Linda Ronstadt VIDEO: SNL 78s "It's In His Kiss" with Phoebe Snow (4m) VIDEO: 1987 SNL season "Under African Skies" with Paul Simon (7m) The Roto Rooter Goodtime Christmas Band--Rock band with horn section, does covers of classical, popular, rock standards, and original songs. 1974 Vanguard LP (33 min): includes "Martian March", "Pico and Sepulveda" (Dr. Demento's theme song) 1997 RETRO-ROOTER CD: includes "March of the Dead Brain Cells", "Jungle Boogie", etc. The Rutles: VIDEO: The Rutles (75 min) The Rutles (album)
Sade CD-R: 9 Nov 1984- London Hammersmith Odeon: Why Can't We Live Together, YOUR LOVE IS KING, hang on to your love, frankie's first affair, sally, Red Eye, i will be your friend, cherry pie, Mr. Wrong, is it a crime, smooth operator, Snake Bite Mort Sahl "Sing a Song of Watergate" -- great political humor (8T - 47 min) Peter Sarstedt--four albums "Where Do You Go To, My Lovely" "Update" "Tall Tree" (1975) "As Though It Were A Movie"--with "Take off your clothes" Saturday Night Live (original cast album - 1976) Shel Silverstein--two albums, plus 7" single "Sara Cynthia Sylvia Stout" "Songs and Stories" (1978)--a rare collectable NOT for children contains "The Smoke-Off" and "Never Bite a Married Woman on the Thigh" "Where The Sidewalk Ends"--suitable for children (from the book) contains "Boa Constrictor", "Peanut Butter Sandwich" and "Captain Hook" Carly Simon: VIDEO: '94 concert (60 min) Paul Simon Under African Skies Later interview VIDEO: 10/07/80 Tower theatre in Philadelphia (57 min) VIDEO: 1987 SNL season "Under African Skies" with Linda Ronstadt (7m) VIDEO: Graceland concert (120 min) ?? VIDEO: 05/27/99 LATER 1991 interview and video clips (30 min) The Smiths CD-R 18 Mar, 1985 at Apollo Theatre, Oxford: William It Was Really Nothing, Nowhere Fast, Hand In Glove, How Soon Is Now?, Stretch Out And Wait, That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore, Shakespeare's Sister, The Headmaster Ritual, Still Ill, Meat Is Murder, Miserable Lie, Barbarism Begins At Home, You've Got Everything Now The Smothers Brothers "The Two Sides of the Smothers Brothers" "Curb Your Tongue, Knave!" "It Must Have Been Something I Said!" Jill Sobule CD-R: Mixed Bag radio program from 03-23-2003 (57:42) Jetpack, interview, I Kissed A Girl, interview, Supermodel, interview Stoned Soul Picnic (Laura Nero tribute CD), interview, Love Is Never Equal (duet on CD), interview, Heroes, interview, Don't Let Us Get Sick (Warren Zevon cover), Houdini's Box Sparks VIDEO: SNL 81s: "Mickey Mouse" (begin cut), "I Predict" (9 min) Bruce Springsteen VIDEO: SNL 91s: "Lucky Town", "57 Channels", "Living Proof" (14 min) Spyro Gyra - 7" Promotional EP Live Spyro Gyra: "Heliopolis", "Jubilee", "Morning Dance" (1979) Squeeze CD-R: 20 Sep 1987 at Apollo Theare, Manchester: Pulling Mussels (From The Shell), The Prisoner, Hourglass, 8535 937 (the telephone song), Last Time Forever, Striking Matches/Take Me I'm Yours, Up The Junction, Footprints, Such A Night, Trust Me To Open My Mouth, Cool For Cats/ Black Coffee In Bed, Another Nail For My Heart, Labelled With Love Squirrel Nut Zippers - Live Concert in Denver: Feb 12, 1997 (65 min) VIDEO: Regis & Kathy Lee appearance (April 7, 1997) Steely Dan Pre-Steely Dan soundtrack recording "You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It" "Sun Mountain" compilation, including unreleased songs and demo versions. "+Fours" EP w/unreleased songs: Dallas, Sail The Waterway Bodisattva (live at Santa Monica Civic 04 Jul, 1974) drunken introduction Donald Fagin "Words+Music" interview disk--describes "Kamakiriad" album Walter Becker "Words+Music" interview disk--describes his "11 Tracks of Whack" CD release (26 minutes) Walter Becker promotional single from "11 Tracks of Whack", with non-album track "Fall of '92" co-authored by Donald Fagan Steely Dan "Words+Music" interview disk--about "2 Against Nature" album VIDEO: VH1 Storytellers (2000 - 60 min) FM, Peg, Kid Charlemaine, Bad Sneakers, Josie, Cousin Dupree, What A Shame About Me VIDEO: PBS In the Spotlight special--Green Earrings, Cousin Dupree, Bad Sneakers, Janie Runaway, Josie, FM, Gaslighting Abbie, Black Friday, Babylon Sisters, Kid Charlemagne, Jack of Speed, Peg, What a Shame About Me, Pretzel Logic (2000 - 120 min) Today Show VIDEO: Today/Later in Rockefeller Plaza: interview, Peg, Jack Of Speed, Kid Charlemagne, Black Friday (2000 - 25 min) Ray Stevens Guilt For Christmas VIDEO: Live on TNN's Prime Time Country 12/98 "Guilt For Christmas", interview, "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" (15 min) VIDEO: TNN tribute (1999 - 60 min) Sting In Concert 1992 SNL appearance VIDEO: in concert (90 min) VIDEO: 1987 SNL season "We'll Be Together", "Little Wing" (11min) VIDEO: 1992 SNL season "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You", "Every Breath You Take" (11min) De Strangers--one album "Te Pakke of Te Latte" A famous (in Belgium) singing group which does original songs as well as cover versions of international hits in the Flemish (Dutch) language. The Stranglers CD-R: 08 Feb, 1982 at Hammersmith Odeon, London: Down In The Sewer, Just Like Nothing On Earth / Second Coming / Non Stop / The Man They Love To Hate / Who Wants The World? / Golden Brown / How To Find True Love And Happiness In The Present Day / Duchess / Let Me Introduce You To The Family / Tramp / The Raven / Genetix The Style Council CD-R: 1987: My Ever Changing Moods, Shout To The Top, It Didn't Matter, Waiting, Walking The Night, The Cost of Loving, With Everything To Lose, A Woman's Song, The Whole Point II, Homebreakers, Heaven's Above, When You Call Me, Internationalists The Sugarcubes: On SNL 1988 season VIDEO: 1988 SNL season "Birthday", "Motorcrash" (9 min) Sugar Ray VIDEO: Craig Kilborn 7/14/2003 IsSheReallyGoingOutWithHim? (5min) The Sundays: VIDEOS: Here's Where The Story Ends, Joy (w/intro from hosting "120 min"), Love (w/interview on "Blind"), Wild Horses (w/Matt Pinfield intro) (total time 19:35) "Don't Tell Your Mother" from DGC Rarities Vol. 1 Supertramp CD-R 09 Mar, 1975 at Hammersmith Odeon, London: School, Bloody Well Right, Hide In Your Shell, Asylum, Sister Moonshine, Just A Normal Day, Dreamer, Rudy, If Everyone Was Listening, Crime Of The Century
Talk Talk CD-R: 7 May, 1986 at Hammersmith Odeon, London: Talk Talk, Dum Dum Girl, Life's What You Make It, Mirror Man/Does Caroline Know?, Chameleon Day/ Living In Another World, It's You, It's My Life, I Don't Believe In You, Such A Shame (56 min) James Taylor 1987 SNL appearance VIDEO: 1987 SNL season "Never Die Young", "Sweet Potato Pie", "Lonesome Road" (12min) VIDEO: 9/26/99 CNN Worlbeat retrospective (6 min) Tears For Fears CD-R 18 Apr 1983 at Hammersmith Palais, London: Memories Fade, The Way You Are, Suffer The Children, Pale Shelter, The Prisoner, Ideas As Opiates, Mad World, Watch Me Bleed, Change, Start Of The Breakdown, The Hurting
They Might Be Giants (John Flansburg's Mono Puff / John Linnell) VIDEO: See my extensive list of TMBG video Dr Spock's Back-up band "Stumpbox"--TMBG cover versions of other artist's songs "The Lo-Fidelity Experience"--Dial-a-song online, backwards messages, covers, MIDI songs, John Henry Hypercard stack, Plaintalk interview Mono Puff EP from "Hello Club" State Songs EP from "Hello Club" They Might B-sides--singles b-sides since misc-t compilation 1985 Demo Tape April, 1987 Frank O' Toole Show on WFMU 1992 Live 105 KITS appearance--includes "Polka Polka Polka" Apr 14, 1992 Bootleg live performance at RPM--features "Maybe I Know" Jun 12, 1992 Apollo 18 Interview on National Public Radio Dec 31, 1992 First Album Show 1994 "The Power of Dial-A-Song"--dial-a-song tape (B- quality) 1994 "Free When You Call From Work"--dial-a-song tape (B+ quality) Oct 14, 1994 TMBG Live in NY--includes FAST version of "WDT Sun Shine" Mar 14, 1996 Live At the Mercury Lounge Mar 31, 1996 Live in Madison, WI at the Barrymore Apr 12, 1996 Bootleg Live at e-town May 17, 1996 Live in Cincinatti, OH at Bogarts Jun 1996 Mono Puff CD-single with 3 non-album tracks Jul 04, 1996 Mono Puff interview on All Things Considered Sep 1996 Modern Rock Live Interview (28 min) Sep 06, 1996 Hatch Shell concert (video) (65 minutes) Oct 1996 TMBG live on 105.7 Vinyl Vault--features "The Joker" Nov 02, 1996 John Flansburgh PopTalk (RealAudio) interview Nov 26, 1996 John Linnell interview with Aaron Kohlbeck (40 min) Nov 30, 1996 TMBG live in Milwaukee (encore missing) (43 min) Feb 07, 1997 TMBG live Irving Plaza, NYC, NY Feb 14, 1997 TMBG live Irving Plaza, NYC, NY (Valentine's Day Massacre) Feb 21, 1997 TMBG live Irving Plaza, NYC, NY (Nostalgia Night) Oct 23, 1997 TMBG live in Cleveland Nov 11, 1997 TMBG live Mercury Lounge Nov 26, 1997 TMBG live Mercury Lounge Dec 11, 1997 TMBG live Mercury Lounge Dec 18, 1997 TMBG live Mercury Lounge Aug 28, 1998 TMBG on WHFS Sep 27, 1998 TMBG on Modern Rock Live Dec 30, 1998 TMBG on NPR (50 min) Jan 20, 1999 They Might Be in the UK: four radio interviews with live performances from their UK tour (2 CD-Rs): Robert Elms - GLR - 20 Jan 1999 Johnny Walker - Radio 2 - 23 Jan 1999 Jonathan Ross - Virgin Radio - 24 Jan 1999 Bob Mills - GLR - 24 Jan 1999 Apr 30, 1999 TMBG on WBER ???? TMBG on World Cafe Oct 26, 2001 TMBG live in Rochester, NY (2CDs) Space Krickets, Particle Man, Dr. Worm, Cyclops Rock, James K Polk, Yeh Yeh, Hovering Sombrero, She's Actual Size, Whistling In The Dark, Spy, Older, The Sun, MISLIH, Robot Parade, Shoehorn With Teeth, Letterbox, Spin The Dial, Mink Car, Spider, Birdhouse, The Guitar, Bangs, Twistin. /NYC. Fingertips, Boss of Me. Istanbul
1984 SNL appearance Thompson Twins/Babble rarities: 12" In The Name Of Love [dance remix] (5:39), In The Beginning (3:14), Coastline (3:39) - 1982 7" In The Name Of Love (3:18), Coastline (3:39) - 1982 CD-R: 29 Mar, 1983 at Regal Theater, Hitchen: Kamikaze, Love Lies Bleeding, We Are Detective, Lies, If You Were Here, All Fall Out, In The Name Of Love, Watching Me Watchin You, Love On Your Side, Long Beach Culture, Judy Do 7" Hold Me Now (4:44), Let Loving Start (3:44) - 1984 7" Doctor! Doctor! (4:38), Nurse Shark (4:05) - 1984 CD-R Japan Live (26 May, 1984): The Gap, Day After Day, Doctor, Doctor, Watching You Watching Me, No Peace For The Wicked, Lies, Storm Of The Sea, You Take Me Up, In The Name Of Love, Hold Me Now, Love On Your Side CD-R Into The Gap Live (from Laserdisc): The Gap, Day After Day, Judy Do, Watching, You Take Me Up, Hold Me Now, No Peace For The Wicked, Sister Of Mercy, In The Name Of Love, Lies, Doctor Doctor, Kamikaze, Love On Your Side Extended mixes of 5 "Here's To Future Days" songs: Shoot Out (Dr. Dream) (6:23), Alice (Lay Your Hands On Me) (4:59), Heavens Above! (Here's To Future Days) (3:20), The Kiss (Tokyo) (5:44), Desert Dancers (Breakaway) (7:05) "Breakaway" (not released on USA-LP version) (3:32) 7" King For A Day (3:58), Rollunder (4:40) - 1985 7" Lay Your Hands On Me (3:44), The Lewis Carol (Adventures In Wonderland) (4:14) - 1985 7" Nothing In Common (3:24), Nothing To Lose (4:15) - 1986 12" Interview Disk with cuts from "Close To The Bone" - 1987 12" BABBLE: Beautiful [roll it mix], Beautiful [re-birth mix], Beautiful [blue mix], Tribe [tibetan mix], Tribe [lotus mix] - 1993 12" BABBLE: Love Has No Name [Tee's freeze], Love Has No Name [Tee's club], Love Has No Name [bonus beats], Love Has No Name [jasminder], Love Has No Name [vita brevis mix] - 1996 VIDEOS: Doctor Doctor, Sugar Daddy (w/intro), Love On Your Side, King For A Day, Hold Me Now (total 20:53) VIDEO: SNL 84a "Hold Me Now", "Into The Gap" (10 min) Timbuk-3 1986 SNL appearance VIDEO: 1986 SNL season "Just Another Movie", "Hairstyles and Attitudes" (11min) Pete Townsend VIDEO: VH1 Storytellers. Pete explains the story behind and plays songs from his "Lifehouse" project. (60 min) Traffic CD-R 1970 April 30 at Paris Theatre, London: Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring?, Every Mother's Son, No Time To Live, Medicated Goo, John Barleycorn, Pearly Queen, Empty Pages, Glad/Freedom Rider (54 min) Jethro Tull CD-R 09 Sep 1984 at Hammersmith Odeon: Locomotive Breath intro, Hunting Girl, Under Wraps, Later That Same Evening, Pussy Willow, The Clasp, Living In The Past, Thick as A Brick, Aqualung, Locomotive Breath, Too Old To Rock N Roll/Thick as A Brick (reprise) CD-R 10 Aug 1991 at Hammersmith Odeon: Minstrel In The Gallery/Cross- Eyed Mary, This Is Not Love, Rocks On The Road, Heavy Horses, Like A Tall Thin Girl, Still loving You Tonight, Thick As A Brick, A New Day Yesterday/Bouree, Look Into The Sun, Jump Start CD-R Aug 08,2003 at XM studios: Question about 1-legged flute player, Life Is A Long Song, Someday The Sun Won't Shine For You, Fat Man, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Living In The Past, Eurology, Locomotive Breath, Bouree
U2 CD-R 29 Mar, 1983 at Hammersmith Palais, London: Surrender, I Threw A Brick Through A Window, A Day Without Me, An Cat Dubh, Sunday Bloody Sunday, I Fall Down, The Electric Co/Bring In The Clowns, October, New Years Day, Gloria, I Will Follow, Fire, A Celebration VIDEO: Top of The Pops "Elevation" live (2001 - 4 min) DVD COMPILATION DISC INCLUDES: PopMart 3-Dec-1997 Mexico City concert: Pride (In The Name Of Love), Even Better Than the Real Thing, New Year's Day, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Desire, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bullet The Blue Sky, Where The Streets Have No Name, Discotheque, With Or Without You, Mysterious Ways, One, Wake Up Dead Man [over credits] Pop-Up-Video: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, New Year's Day, With Or Without You, Lemon, Beautiful Day VH1-Legends: The story of U2 up to 1998. First few seconds cut off. War 5-Jun-1983 Red Rocks concert: Surrender, Sunday Bloody Sunday, The Cry, The Electric Co./Send In The Clowns (snippet), October, New Year's Day, Gloria, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, I Will Follow, 40 "U2 Go Home" 1-Sep-2001, Slane Castle, Ireland: Beautiful Day, Angel of Harlem, Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Kite, Walk On Various: VIDEO: The Prince's Trust Concert 19??, Features Peter Gabriel, Rick Astley, Phil Collins, Joe Cocker, The Bee Gees, Eric Clapton, Mark Knofler, Elton John (75 min) The Prince's Trust 10th Anniversary Album 1987, Features Joan Armatrading, Big Country, Phil Collins, Dire Straits, Elton John, Howard Jones, Level 42, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Midge Ure, Suzanne Vega VIDEO: Girl Groups-The story of a sound (65 min) Alannis Morissette Whitney Houston David Bowie Billy Joel VIDEO: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars Vol 1: Alannis Morrisette, Melissa Etheridge, Mick Jagger, Jon Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Meat Loaf, Sting, David Bowie, Jewel, Bruce Springsteen, Lauren Hill, Ginger Spice, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson, Rupaul, The Spice Girls, Joan Osborne, Paula Abdul, Billy Joel (60 min) Donny Osmond Marie Osmond Alannis Morissette Paula Abdul VIDEO: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars Vol 2: Hanson, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Donny & Marie Osmond, Paula Abdul, Usher, Leann Rimes, Tiffany, Alannis Morrisette, Hootie, Cyndi Lauper, U2, REM, Paula Abdul, Natalie Imbr., Ginger Spice, Bette Midler, Toni Braxton (60 min) Tiffany Tori Amos The B-52's Frank Zappa VIDEO: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars Vol 3: Erica Wright, Garth Brooks, Leann Rimes, Tiffany, Tori Amos, Gloria Estevan, Brandy, John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, B-52's, Kylie Minogue, Brandy, Lisa Stansfield, Frank Zappa, Phil Collins (60 min) Jimmy Hendrix Sheena Easton VIDEO: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars Vol 4: Harry Connick Jr., The Go-Go's, Taylor Dayne, Natalie Merchant, Collective Soul, Trisha Yearwood, Jimmy Hendrix, John Mellencamp, Lauryn Hill, David Hasselhoff, Davy Jones, Sheena Easton, Vanessa Williams (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars (Divas in training): Whitney Houston, Brandy, LeAnn Rimes, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Toni Braxton, Celine Dion (30 min) VIDEO: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars (Queen Divas): Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Tina Turner, Cher, Madonna, Diana Ross, Shania Twain, Donna Summer, Janet Jackson (30 min) VIDEO VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars 001 (Teen Idols): Leif Garrett, David Cassidy, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Hanson, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Tiffany, Rick Springfield (30 min) VIDEO VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars 004 (Grammy Winners): Seal, Alannis Morissette, Shawn Colvin, Erykah Badu, Barbra Streisand, Indigo Girls, Bob Dylan, Paula Cole (30 min) VIDEO VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars 005: En Vogue, Sarah McLaghlin, Sting, Cher, Bee Gees, The Dixie Chicks, Lisa Loeb, The Barenaked Ladies (30 min) VIDEO: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars: En Sync, Gwen Stafani, Lenny Kravitz, Jon Bon Jovi, Wild Orchid, Deborah Harry, The Beatles, Foo Fighters (30 min) VIDEO VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars #10: Matchbox 20, Meredith Brooks, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Seal, Eddie Vedder, John Belushi, Dan Aykroid, Amy Grant, Pat Benetar, Bjork (30 min) VIDEO: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars (1-hit-wonders): Toni Basil, The Proclaimers, Tracy Ullman, Stacy Q, Devo, Eddie Grant, Vanilla Ice, Tommy Tutone, Julie Brown (30 min) VIDEO: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars #14: Dave Matthews, Peter Frampton, Aretha Franklin, Irene Cara, Squirrel Nut Zippers (30 min) VIDEO: VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars #15 - Lilith Fair: Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega, Natalie Merchant, Dixie Chicks, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Joan Osborne, Queen Latifah. (30 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #1 (Girls, Girls, Girls): (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #2 (80s): Harold Faltermeyer, The Fixx, Thompson Twins, Howard Jones (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #3 (Love Songs) Air Supply: (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #4 (Bad Boys): Billy Idol (60 min) Gary Kemp Andy Partridge VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #5 (British Invasion): Kajagoogoo, Modern English, Gary Glitter, Spandau Ballet, Iron Maiden, Boy George, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Bow Wow Wow, Squeeze, The English Beat & General Public, Wang Chung, The Buggles, XTC (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #6 (Bad Boys II): (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #7 (Country): Charlie Daniels, BJ Thomas, Loretta Lynn, Vicky Lawrence, Lou Rawls, Frankie Avalon, Roy Clark, Glen Campbell, The Cowsills (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #8 (Girls, Girls, Girls): (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #9 (The Intellectual Songsters): Cinderella, Ratt, Kiss, Ron Keel, Midnight Oil, Vixin, The Lemon Pipers, Devo, Lisa Loeb, Madness, The Dream Academy, Naked Eyes, Flock of Seagulls, Ashford & Simpson, Night Ranger, Englebert Humperdink, John Secada, Wilson Philips (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #10 (Teen Idols): Leif Garret, David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, Fabian, The Jackson Five, The Osmonds, Bay City Rollers, Wham!, Rick Springfield, Duran Duran, Tony DeFranco, Stacey Q, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Menudo, Ricky Martin, New Edition, New Kids on the Block (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #11 (Classic Rock - 1999): America, Jethro Tull, George Thorogood, Don McLean, Kansas, Peter Frampton, Jefferson Airplane, Question Mark, Foreigner, Iron Butterfly, Ambrosia (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #13 (Disco): Donna Summer, Rick Dees, Chic, Vicki Sue Robinson, Kool and the gang, Lionel Richie, Abba, Gloria Gaynor (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now #14 (1-hit-wonders): Rupert Holmes, Frank Stallone, The Weather Girls, An Emotion, Eddie Grant, Rex Smith, T-Pau, Soft Cell, Shannon, Starland Vocal Band, Terry Jacks (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Where Are They Now (Saturday Night Fever): The Bee Gees, Yvonne Elliman, Walter Murphy, The Tramps, KC & The Sunshine Band, (30 min) VIDEO: VH1 100 greatest Women of Rock and Roll (5 hours) VH1 100 greatest Rock and Roll Bands (5 hours) Suzanne Vega 1986 SNL appearance VIDEO: 1986 SNL season "Luka", "Marlene On The Wall" (11min) CD-R: at XM studios (no audience): Marlena On The Wall, Caramel, Gypsy, Neighborhood Girls, Penitant, Luka, Rosemary (27 min) CD-R: 16 Jun 1989 Glastonbury Festival: Solitude Standing, Undertow, Small Blue Thing, Cracking, Ironbound/Fancy Poultry, Left Of Center, The Queen And The Soldier, Pilgrimage, Men In A War, Luka (49 min) CD-R: 1997 Live Concert: Stockings, Rock In This Pocket, Caramel, Small Blue Thing, Marlene On The Wall, Fat Man & Dancing Girl, The Queen And The Soldier, Room Off the Street, Blood Makes Noise, Luka, Tom's Diner, Men In A War, Gypsy Voice Of The Beehive--rarities: I Walk The Earth Don't Call Me Baby VIDEO: Jul 31, 1988 Promotional video explaining the band's formation. Includes: I Walk The Earth, Don't Call Me Baby, I Say Nothing (15 min) VIDEO: Don't Call Me Baby (2:57) 7" I Say Nothing (3:34), The Things You See When You Don't Have Your Gun (live at Ulu) (2:40) - 1987 - LONP190 BBC Radio-1 appearance recording (2-26-88): No Green Blues (2:56), Jump This Way (2:48), Independance Day (3:04), Jesus (3:07) 12" I Walk The Earth (3:40), This Weak (3:15), Tattoo Song (3:38), Everything I Had (2:44) - 1988 - LONX206 12" Man In The Moon (3:18), What You Have Is Enough (2:35), 7 Shocks (live) (3:47), There's A Barbarian In The Back Of My Car (live) (3:00) - 1988 - LONX209 12" Monsters And Angels (3:42), Waitress (2:48), Only If You Want To (2:30), Pocketsize (3:35) - 1991 - LONX302 12" I Think I Love You (Orgy Mix) (6:55), Say It (accoustic) (2:16), Don't Call Me Baby (accoustic) (2:56), VB - Goddess Of Love (4:56) - 1991 - LONX308 7" I Think I Love You (3:10), Something About God (2:57) - 1991 - L308 Live Concert--Paradise, Boston (30 Mar 1989): The Things You See When You Don't Have Your Gun/The Beat Of Love/Look At Me/Sorrow Floats/ What You Have Is Enough/Say It/I Walk The Earth/Seven Shocks/Trust Me/ I Say Nothing/There's A Barbarian In The Back Of My Car/Tattoo Song Cashmere (47 min) Radio Concert--Town & Country, London (1991): Just Like You/ The Beat Of Love/Don't Call Me Baby/I'm Shooting Cupid/Just A City/ Monsters & Angels/Adonis Blue/I Say Nothing/Say It/Look At Me/ I Think I Love You/Sit Down (46 min) CD-Single (promotional) Adonis Blue (3:39), Shine Away (3:51), Sit Down [live from the above London concert] (4:34) - 1991 CDP 609 CD Single: Angel Come Down (3:54), Inconsistencies (4:46), Cartoon City (3:55) - 1995 CD-Single: Scary Kisses (4:08), You And Your Dumb Club (3:18) Time On All Fours (3:28) - 1995
Loudan Wainwright III CD-R: "The Loft Sessions" on XM Radio (double feature): #6: Motel Blues, White Winos, Who Could They Notify, I Remember Sex, Something For Nothing, Jesse Don't Like It, Heaven, I'm Allright #25 or #83: Work In Progress, My Grandmother, Half-Fist, So Damn Happy, Here Come The Choppers, Man Who Couldn't Cry, Hank and Fred, No Sure Way, The Sh*t Song (77 min) Tom Waits VIDEO: VH1 Storytellers (60 min) VIDEO: On Leno, song and interview (7 min) 03/15/2000 Rick Wakeman CD-Rx2 18 Mar, 2003 at XM studios: silly stories, Buy A Broom, Elgin Mansions, Catherine Howard, Nursery Rhyme Concerto, Jane Seymour, Jon's Yessongs medley, Dance of a Thousand Lights, Gone but Not Forgotten, "Merlin the Magician" /cut off Andrew Lloyd Webber - "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" original (off-broadway) cast version Paul Weller CD-R: 23 Nov, 1993 at Royal ALbert Hall: THE WEAVER, Has My Fire Really Gone Out?, BULL-RUSH/Magic Bus, This is No Time, Out Of The Sinking, HUNG UP, SUNFLOWER, Wild Wood, (Can You Heal Us) Holy man, 5th Season, Shadow Of The Sun (55:45) John Wetton (ex-King Crimson, UK, Asia) CD-R: LIVE AT XM SATELLITE RADIO Performance Studio One, RECORDED DECEMBER 5, 2002 IN WASHINGTON, DC (54:55): Intro/The Circle of St. Giles, Heat of the Moment, Mondrago/Book of Saturday, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, Thirty Years, Hold Me Now, Arkangel, Emma, Sole Survivor, Rendezvous 6:02, The Water is Wide, Starless, Battle Lines, Close/The Celtic Cross When You're In Love, The Whole World Is Jewish with "The Ballad of Irving" Logan Whitehurst: mp3: Interview with Dr. Demento, broadcast 12 Oct, 2003: Lizard and Fish, Calculator Love live in studio (24 min) The Who: King Biscuit Flower Hour - Live Concert recording + interviews (fall 1975) - Parts of Quadrophenia VIDEO: The Who Tour (1982) (90 min) VIDEO: VH1 Legends (60 min) VIDEO: Pete Townsend "Let My Love Open The Door", "Magic Bus", "English Boy" live on Later with Jools Holland (12 min) CD-Rx4 BBC documentary--The Story of The Who (~4 hours) Mason Williams The Mason Williams Phonograph Record, with "Classical Gas" Listening Matter, with 19 "them" poems "Weird Al" Yankovic (See also "Dr. Demento)" Weird Al on Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Show Spy Hard opening titles Joe Franklin tribute song On Space Ghost VIDEO: Pleasure Island concert ??/??/92 (30 min) VIDEO: various videos & TV appearances (2 hrs) including: Jacksonville footage (Like a Surgeon, Headline News 1st verse Dick Clark's New's Years (Amish Paradise, Gump) Regis & Cathy Lee (1997) MTV's Oddville (1997) WGN Morning News (about Bad Hair Day album) Entertainment Tonight (1996 about Amish Paradise) American Bandstand (Dare To Be Stupid) Arsenio Hall (1992) Smells Like Nirvana, You Don't Love Me anymore--end missing YDLMA first 15 min of ALTV6 (George Harrison, Tom Petty) MTV Gameworks Wheel of Fortune Circus of the Stars (swaypole act) Pat Sajak Show (interview about UHF, Mr. Frump in the Iron Lung) VIDEO: "Joe Franklin tribute song" 11-24-86 (1:20) VIDEO: The Weird Al Show 9/87 (most episodes) VIDEO: "Spy Hard" opening & closing credits VIDEO: Space Ghost appearance (1994) VIDEO: Tuxedo Junction 08/22/94 (87 min) VIDEO: clip from "Safety Patrol" movie (1998) 15 min VIDEO: FX Penn & Teller appearance "The Night Santa Went Crazy" (6 min) VIDEO: "The Weird Al Show" 09/14/97 #3603 "Bad Influence" w/Barenaked Ladies 09/21/97 #3604 "Promises, Promises" 09/28/97 #3602 "Mining Accident" 10/05/97 #3605 "Back to School" 10/12/97 #3609 "Time Machine" 10/19/97 #3606 "One For The Record Books" 11/02/97 #3612 "Talent Show" 11/09/97 #3611 "Al Plays Hookie" 11/23/97 #3608 "The Competition" w/Radish 11/30/97 #3613 "Holiday Episode" 01/18/98 #3601 "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Hamster" w/Hansen 02/01/98 #3612 "Talent Show" 02/08/98 VIDEO: VH1 "Behind The Music" 07/04/99 (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 "Video Timeline" 07/04/99 (30 min) VIDEO: VH1 live convert (60 min) VIDEO: VH1 Recordbreakers--Al leads biggest kazoo jam 09/18/99 (3 min) VIDEO: 05/21/2003 - Craig Kilborn show "Couch Potato" (6 min)
XTC CD-R 22 Dec, 1980 at Hammersmith Palais: Life Begins At The Hop, Burning With Optimism's Flame, Love At First Sight, Respectable Street, No Language In Our Lungs, This Is Pop, Scissor Man, Towers Of London, Battery Brides, Living Through Another Cuba, Generals and Majors, Making Plans For Nigel, Are You Receiving Me?
Rachael Yamagata CD-R Loft Sessions #39 (59 min): Be Be Your Love, Even So, Letter Read, Paper Doll, Worn Me Down, Reason Why, Meet Me By The Water, [new song], These Girls, ???? Yazoo CD-R 22 Nov, 1982 at Dominion Theatre, London: Situation, Too Pieces, Goodbye 70's, Winter Kills, Bad Connection, Tuesday, Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I), Midnight, Chinesse Detectives (Unreleased Instrumental), In My Room, Don't Go, The Other Side Of Love, Ode To Boy, Only You, Situation (Live Remix) Yes On VH1 Hard Rock Live VIDEO: VH1 Hard Rock Live (30 min) CD-Rx2: 10 Aug, 2002 at XM studio, Washington, DC: Introduction/Interview, Medley: South Side of the Sky/And You and I (bridge includes "Here comes the Bride"), Interview (continued), Leaves of Green, Walk, don't run, Interview (continued), Your Move, Long Distance Runaround (intro only), Interview (continued), Show Me, Interview (continued)/Awaken Workshop, Farewell Jam
Frank Zappa: (See also "Various Artists)" in concert Today show "200 Motels" movie soundtrack, with "Lonesome Cowboy Burt" Zappa interview with Mary Travers--features "Bongo Fury" album Zappa Live in Sidney, Australia--features "Apostrophe" album VIDEO: SNL (76j) "I'm The Slime" (4 min) VIDEO: SNL (78c) Intro by John Belushi, "Dancin Fool", dates Connie Conehead, Freak Mountain skit, "Meek" (25 min) VIDEO: Concert: Montana, Religion & Politics, Fine Girl, Harder Than Your Husband, You Are What You Iz, Strictly Genteel (The Palladium - 1982 - 47 min) VIDEO: Today Show Interview on "The Yellow Shark", etc. (12 min) Warren Zevon CD-R: 1988/2/25 Hammersmith Odeon, London: Lawyers, Guns And Money, Detox Mansion, Boom Boom Mancini, Johnny Strikes Up The Band, Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner, Reconsider Me, Excitable Boy, Sentimental Hygiene, Accidentally Like A Martyr, Werewolves Of London, Play It All Night Long, Ain't That Pretty At All

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